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1. Book “The Eastern Partnership under strain - time for a rethink?” Description: The book will be a co-edited effort undertaken by CSE-UAIC and its partners. This book will be written on the basis of the envisaged EURINT 2016 international conference and will be premised on a specific conceptual framework (i.e. EU actorness; transformative power Europe; conceptualizing the neighbourhood frameworks), and having a cohesive team of contributors (i.e. guest experts invited). This book will unpack the region’s future perspectives by trying to look into the implications of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine on the effectiveness of the EaP. 2. Brochure “The Eastern Partnership - time for a rethink?” Download.pdf Description: Brochures will serve dissemination and information purposes. They will be disseminated to our project’s target groups: students, researchers, young professionals, civic activists, NGOs representatives, policy-makers from EU & EaP countries and Russia. The informative brochure will be elaborated in a very concise and interactive way in order to raise awareness of our goals, networking possibilities and other opportunities.