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Project TEAM
E-mail: teodor.moga@uaic.ro  
Teodor Lucian MOGA Project coordinator
Teodor is assistant professor in the foreign affairs & security issues at CES-UAIC and former post-doc researcher at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland (topic: Geopolitics of the post-Soviet Eastern Europe). He was a holder of the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship. He previously pursued a PhD in Economics and International Relations at UAIC and a MA in Political Science at the University of Manchester, UK. His main academic fields of interest are EU foreign and security policy, European Neighbourhood Policy and the Eastern Partnership. He pursued relevant research and teaching stints at the European Commission, the British Embassy Bucharest, European Union Institute for Security Studies, Paris, George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies and Romanian Academy of Science. He has strong expertise in the EaP region (teaching, organising events and designing research projects). Role in the project: he is the coordinator of the project and responsible for the management of the events, for the monitoring of specific activities, budget control, and for the submission of reports on outcomes.
Gabriela Carmen Pascariu Project member
Gabriela has had more than 20 years of teaching and research experience in the field; she is the Jean Monet Ad Personam Chair holder “EU sustainable development, regional cohesion and European policies” and the academic coordinator of the CSE-UAIC; she is also the director of CSE-UAIC and coordinator of the Centre for European Documentation; she has organized several national and international conferences; she has coordinated 14 training and research projects; she has initiated and coordinated the interdisciplinary programme of European Studies Master; she is a Team Europe expert and member of the National Council for the Recognition of the academic Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates (CNATDCU), which is a national body entitled to award academic and doctoral degrees. Role in the project: key staff in managing the project activities (i.e. the international conference and roundtables). She will ensure the  administrative framework for EaPpeal and supervise the elaboration of conference’s forthcoming book which will gather the most relevant  articles research produced by participants and international experts within the EaPpeal. 
Ramona Ţigănaşu Project member
Ramona is PhD. researcher in the field of European integration at CES-UAIC. She is actively involved in several national and international research projects and she has published over 40 studies focusing on the analysis of the regional development in EU, institutional economics and neighbourhood issues. Throughout her academic activity she has been involved in the organisation of over 20 national and international scientific events (conferences, workshops, round tables etc.). Ramona coordinated the 2012 - 2013 project “The EU as regional player. Cooperation and integration in Eastern neighbourhood”, Jean Monnet Programme, Key Activity 1 which has received the highest score among the selected projects for EU funding for 2012-2013 in Romania. Role in the project: liaise with the invited international experts; manage the organisation of the internal workshops, international conference and roundtables in Ukraine and Moldova.
Ciprian Alupului Project member
Ciprian is the coordinator of the European Documentation Centre at CSE-UAIC. He is involved in several research programs (Jean Monnet, ESPON) and his interests comprise local and regional development and cross-border cooperation policy. He was part of the team responsible for implementing several projects, including a cross-border project between Romania, Moldova and Ukraine, meant to increase the academic and research level at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova and the Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine. In the last five years he was involved in organising of more than 20 major events in the European Studies field (international conferences, workshops, student competitions) and he was also part of the management team for several JM programmes implemented at the CES. He is the quality control manager at CSE-UAIC. Role in the project: Ciprian has broad technical expertise and dissemination skills; thus he will be responsible dissemination of information on our activities/events and manage the technical matters regarding the organisation of the events.
Dirk Lehmkuhl Project member
Dirk holds the chair for European Politics at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. He achieved his PhD at the European University in Florence and was Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute. His research portfolio includes European external governance, ENP, EaP. In 2011, he co-founded the Center for Governance and Culture in Europe at the University of St. Gallen. He is the project coordinator of FP7 ISSICEU which stems from a successful bid for a call of the European Commission on “Security and democracy in the neighborhood: The case of the Caucasus”. Within ISSICEU prof. Lehmkuhl has developed a unique wide range of instruments for studying the security aspects in post-Soviet Eastern Europe. EaPpeal relates to ISSICEU project and will benefit from prof. Lehmkuhl’s invaluable theoretical and methodological expertise in the field of eastern neighbourhood. Role in the project: he will be a key note speaker and panel coordinator for the second day of the conference (for further details please refer to the F2.4 section). He will also contribute to the disseminating and promoting our activities and envisaged outcomes to his broad networks of contacts.
Artsiom Nazaranka Project member
Artsiom is Senior Lecturer of the Source Study Department, Belarusian State University (BSU), Minsk. Interested in EU studies, post- Soviet space, Information & Constitutional Law, Higher Education Management. Authored more than 20 research publications. Research internships in Poland and Sweden. Co-author of 6 educational standards, about 15 courses, experienced in developing and evaluation of curricula, ECTS. He is a young leader, very active also in the civil society sphere. As such, he participant of EaP forum in the EP (Dec. 2014, Brussels) where he represented Belarus. Coordinator of the JM Module “Ethnic Minorities in EU” team member; experience in Erasmus+ projects. Member of the QMS group, Acting Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists. Secretary for the Section of Study & Methodological Council in Management (advisory body for the Ministry of Education in Belarus). Role in the project: he will be part of the staff for organising the conference and will be in charge of disseminating information about the project’s activities, events and deliverables to the Belarusian envisaged target groups.
Nadiia Bureiko Project member
Nadiia is assistant professor at the Bukovianian State University and expert at the scientific NGO “Quadrivium”, Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Currently she is post-doc researcher at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. She is holder of the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship. She previously pursued PhD in International Relations at YuriiFedkovych Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine. Main academic interests include foreign policy of Ukraine, migration policy, national identity issues. Participant and organiser of more than 50 scientific and practical conferences and workshops in Ukraine, Belarus, Belgium, England, France, Georgia, Germany, Holland, Moldova, Northern Ireland, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, the USA. Role in the project: she will be part of the staff for organising the conference and roundtable in Ukraine. She will be in charge of disseminating the information about the project’s objectives to the Ukrainian students, academic staff, policy-makers and civil society representatives both a local and national level and be in charge of the selection of participants and keynote speakers at the roundtable.
Denis Alexeev Project member
Denis is Associate Professor at Saratov State University, Russia, and Adjunct Professor at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies and Professor of Russian Academy of Military Sciences. He is the editor of the Journal of Contemporary Eurasian Studies and Carnegie Fellow at University of California, Berkeley. Denis’s research interests are related to Russian foreign and security policy, including Russian relations with post-Soviet space and the EU. His research projects dealt with the Eurasian integration process and the ENP/EaP frameworks. He also organized a number of events and research projects sponsored by NATO, TEMPUS-TACIS and Carnegie Corporation. The academic coordinator of the EaPpeal, Teodor Moga, has co-authored with Denis an important paper which has received the prestigious Athena Award 2013 "Strengthening democracies through knowledge". Role in the project: he will be part of the staff for organising the international conference 2016 and he will disseminate the information about the project’s activities, outcomes to our target groups from Russia for ensuring a much balanced approach on the debated subjects.
Ludmila Coada Project member
Associate Professor at the Free International University of Moldova and Researcher at the Institute of History and Political Science, Chisinau. Her areas of interest include Moldova’s foreign policy, Moldova’s relations with Russia and the EU. She was awarded numerous prestigious fellowships, including Fulbright Programme (conducting research at the George Washington University in 2010-2011), and has coordinated different projects on history research, education, and foreign policy analysis. She is an experienced professional in terms of teaching, researching, managing projects, and coordinating various activities. She has strong organizational skills, the ability to work both independently and as part of a team, and to adapt to different - including multicultural - environments. Role in the project: she will be part of the staff for organising the conference, and the roundtable envisaged at the Free International University of Moldova. She will contribute to the dissemination of the information about the project’s events to - but not limited - the Moldavian students and other target groups from Moldova.
Loredana Simionov Project member
Loredana is researcher at CSE-UAIC. She has a PhD in Economics and International Relations, having as main academic areas of interest the EU-Russia, ENP/EaP, as well as the economic integration process in the post-Soviet space. Loredana has been involved within the Centre’s activities since 2011. She has also wide expertise in EU project management. Between 2012 and 2013 she has been the manager of the project Cross Border Business Cooperation Network Rmania-Ukraine-Moldova, coordinating the joint activities of Synergy Association Romania, Moldova State University and Odessa National Economic University. Loredana has strong expertise in the EaP region and has participated in a variety of courses and trainings abroad in order to complement her expertise and education: during the EU Summer School in Goettingen, Germany (2010), during her exchange semester at the Aarhus University in Denmark (2010-2011). She has also attended the ‘Promoting Democracy through Education in Central and Eastern Europe’ training at Wien Neuwaldegg Institute, in Vienna, Austria (2009).